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Dr. Okpaku performs his new procedure which will help change the post treatment of extreme weight loss patients. Currently, patients who have lost 100-200 lbs or sometimes more weight, undergo three to five surgeries to remove the extra skin that hangs on them like an ill fitting garment. Some patients can have upwards of 30-50 lbs of skin removed during these surgeries. Some doctors were able to reduce the number of surgeries to 2-3 while doing multiple procedures. Traditional surgeries can take up to 8 hours or more per procedure. 


One current procedure used is called Corset Trunkplasty. The advantages of this surgery is that is cinches the waist tighter than the traditional Abdominoplasty(horizontal direction). It also reduces the redundant tissue from under the axilla region (armpit/bra roll). This gives the patient a much better look/shape of the waist, flanks and lower chest/armpit area than the traditional type of surgeries. The disadvantage is that it only works on the anterior and lateral aspects of the midsection. A traditional lower body lift requires multiple surgeries as the posterior area is not done at the same time and usually takes between 6 to 8 hours to complete. The medial thigh lift, arm lift and breast reduction or breast lift, and facial work are also commonly done as separate surgeries. In contrast, the Okpaku Total Body Lift™ combines four different surgical procedures in a much shorter time period. 

The Okpaku Total Body Lift™
 combines the following procedures: Fleur de lis abdominoplasty, reverse (**fleur de lis) abdominoplasty, axillary resection and beltectomy. By combining the four procedures we take the Corset Trunkplasty and advance it further. This is done in a shorter time period than the commonly performed body lift even though we have to reposition the patient. Doing the procedure in less time than the standard treatments decreases certain complications commonly seen in this type of surgery. We Utilize the Harmonic Scalpel technology for all body lift procedures. The Harmonic Scalpel helps reduce the healing time. The Harmonic technology helps reduce seroma formations and need for drains( which are a leading complaints with post bariatric rehabilitation surgery). The patients also tend to have less intense pain after using the Harmonic instruments. 

**The inverted T type or the fleur de lis abdominoplasty is suitable for the massive weight loss patients with midline abdominal scars or hernias. Open gastric bypass surgery often results in large post op. ventral hernias which need repair. Dermolipectomy and hernia repair with or without a mesh can be done simultaneously. 

The surgery is outpatient surgery, so the patient will be walking,
eating and at home the day of surgery. The drains will be removed several days after surgery. The patient will return to work generally in a week to 10 days. The traditional methods usually required 2 weeks off from work and drains could last a month or so, therefore the patient can more easily afford the surgery due to decrease time off of work and decreased surgery expenses. 

“The brachioplasty and medial thigh lift are still done in a separate operation. A facelift and/or breast reduction/mastopexy +/- breast augmentation can be performed at the same time of the Okpaku Body Lift due to efficient use of operating room time. Instead of taking 3-5 surgeries which many surgeons typically perform, the patient is finished after typically 1-2 surgeries. This means less time off of work, less financial costs and less surgeries for the patients. In closing the Okpaku Total Body Lift™ has many advantages over the traditional post extreme weight lose surgery. It is a safer surgery, provides a better shape, quicker recovery, less time off of work, less expenses and less surgical procedures than the traditional method.” – Dr. Okpaku, MD