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Harmonic Scalpel™ - Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology

What if there was a gentler approach to your surgical recovery? The answer is here and now with the Harmonic Scalpel®:  


Harmonic ScalpelDr. Okpaku consistently evaluates products that enhance his patient’s surgical experience. He is passionate about providing the best possible care for his patients. That passion often causes him to be one of the few and only doctors offering such innovative techniques, treatments and technologies in South Florida and the country.

That is why Dr. Okpaku has incorporated the Harmonic Scalpel® into his surgical practice. The Harmonic Scalpel® is a technology that is an alternative to traditional plastic surgery devices which can help dramatically reduce your healing time. Depending on the procedure, surgery with Harmonic may lead to less postoperative pain, drainage, bruising and swelling than plastic surgery procedures without the Harmonic.


Harmonic surgeryWhat this means to you is that you can have a more gentle recovery to your surgery as well as a possible return to your normal day-to-day activities sooner than if you would have had surgery without the Harmonic Scalpel®.


The Harmonic Scalpel® can be used in multiple procedures that include Dr. Okpaku's Total Body Lift™ corset trunkplasty, beltectomies, abdominoplasty/tummy tuck, face lift as well as other surgical procedures. During your consult, be sure to ask Dr. Okpaku if the Harmonic is applicable to the surgical treatment that you are considering.


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About the Harmonic Scalpel®:
® Technology uses ultrasonic vibration to simultaneously cut and coagulate tissue. This minimizes tissue injury, eliminates the need for electrocautery, and provides important recovery advantages for you, the patient:

• Precise – Minimal lateral thermal tissue damage for safer dissection

                near vital structures
• Reliable – Reliably seals and divides vessels up to 2mm in diameter


The Harmonic Scalpel® brings the advantage of ultrasonic technology in devices that offer precision, dissection and coagulation at lower temperatures than electrosurgery.


The Harmonic Scalpel® cuts via vibration. The scalpel surface itself cuts through tissue by vibrating in the range of 55,000 Hz. The vibration cuts through the tissue and seals it using protein denaturization, rather than heat. A good analogy is whisking an egg white; denaturation of the protein by vibration rather than heat.