Education Committee - Chairwoman Kathy Foster



Works to enhance the educational experience by linking academics, business and community to promote real world learning, support partnerships, and encourage and celebrate educational excellence in our schools. Meetings TBD.





  • We will connect the needs of business with the passion of education, and creatively motivate our schools to foster relationships, solicit corporate sponsors, network with community groups, and share resources with local businesses.
  • We will connect schools, businesses, and the community through a variety of activities that are mutually beneficial in the areas of mentorship, real world learning, and educational excellence.
  • We will be dedicated to improving education through the synergy of the community with collaborative partnerships between schools and businesses in both city-wide and individual school settings.
  • Through mentorship, internships, and partnerships, we will celebrate learning, expand teacher and student horizons, and support children’s real world learning.
  • We will build bridges between stakeholders in our children’s future through community passion and awareness.