Government Affairs
Chairman Dean Turney



To provide leadership, information, and advocacy that enhances the economic environment and represents the political interests of the Wellington business community. To develop cooperative relationships with organizations and to establish and nurture positive relationships with local, state and national elected officials.





  • To research, develop, educate, and recommend issue positions to the Chamber Board of Directors.
    • Interact with members to establish the legislative concerns and opinions of the Chamber membership
    • Sponsor forums that present both sides of an issue
    • Provide speakers of stature and expertise on critical issues
  • To advocate positions in the interest of Chamber members within philosophical guidelines set by the Chamber Board of Directors.
    • Annually review and update the Legislative Policy Manual to reflect the concerns and opinions of the membership
    • Identify, research, and address key issues
    • Establish ad hoc committees, as necessary, to research and address issues of importance
  • To fully educate members about critical issues and inform members, the general public, and appropriate governmental officials of positions adopted by the Board of Directors.
    • Utilize real-time electronic communication to inform members
    • Assist in the dissemination to the media of positions adopted by the Chamber.
    • Host public forums on issues and for political candidates
  • Establish positive, interactive relationships with organizations and elected officials.
    • Host events to recognize public officials
    • Provide networking opportunities between members and elected officials